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White Labeled Open Finance Solutions.

Connect securely your app to thousand of banks, worldwide!

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Open Banking Usecases

Open Banking & Open Data are driving innovation in many ways, here are some sample use cases. 

Payment Initiation

Allows your user to pay online, send and receive money in no time & at a fixed rate.
No cards.
No fraud.

Instant and bulk payments are supported in most countries.

Account Information

Access customer bank statements and balances in seconds.

Thanks to our unique container solution, your data are secured and private.

Start building never seen apps on top of real time banking data.

IBAN Check

Validate bank account existence in a second.

Validate bank account ownership.
KYC/KYB Process
We provide you with information about bank account ownership.

Validate bank account ownership.

Data Enrichment

Receive enriched bank statements with our Open Data AI powered algo.

Get company information, address, activities, etc.

Confirmation of Funds

Instantly check the available funds on a bank account before proceeding to a payment. Drasticaly minimize your risks of faults and failures of payements.

A suite of tools at your disposal

Exthand develops multiple Open Banking products, for sure, one fits your needs!

Product name

For regulated companies.

BankingSDK is the most secure solution on the market: banking data flows directly from the banks to your cloud infrastructure without going through our services and cloud servers.

This product is unique on the market. It gives the freedom and security your business needs.


For non-regulated companies.

Exthand provides a set of APIs to access banks worldwide, get instant balances, list of transactions or initiation payments is easy and straightforward.

This product is also unique in the sense that everything is API driven. Your customers will not face any UI/UX branded "Exthand". You're in full control of the user interface and that's great for you and your users.


Product name
Product name

Tailor made solutions relying on Open Data & Open Banking.

We develop tailor made solutions for your business, based on open banking and open data. Our expertise in those both domains at your disposal to build software that simply works!

"BankingSDK provides a comprehensive solution to progressively ramp up AIS and PIS services. 

Compared to solutions like Tink, SaltEdge, Ibanity, etc, BankingSDK has the following advantages:
  - You own the data.
  - BankingSDK's scope is crystal clear. They only provide the bank connections and will never compete with you
  - They have the best pricing out there."

Cédric Nève, DIGITEAL, CEO.

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